Ensuring Integrity and Fairness: The Firm Awards 2024 powered by The Talent Labs Judging Process

The anticipation surrounding industry awards often hinges not only on recognising excellence but also on the integrity and transparency of the judging process. In an era where credibility is paramount, The Firm Awards 2024 powered by The Talent Labs steps into the spotlight with a robust and meticulous judging procedure designed to uphold fairness and impartiality in recognising talent acquisition and resourcing achievements.

Featuring 25 distinct categories, the awards institute a rigorous two-stage judging mechanism. The journey commences with a thorough online assessment, where each entry undergoes scrutiny by a minimum of three judges. This initial phase serves as the foundation for shortlisting entries advancing to the final round virtual judging day in May.

Each submission undergoes meticulous review against specific category criteria, and decisions made by the panel of judges are considered final. The panel consists of a diverse blend of seasoned previous panelists, new industry experts, and past award recipients, ensuring a comprehensive and unbiased assessment.

Integral to the fairness of the process is the prohibition of judges from assessing categories where they or their affiliated companies have submitted entries, eliminating potential conflicts of interest. Furthermore, a cap of five categories per company entry prevents undue influence, reinforcing the commitment to impartial judgment.

What distinguishes The Firm Awards powered by The Talent Labs is the exclusive involvement of Talent Acquisition Professionals in the judging process. These awards stand as the only accolades solely evaluated by individuals deeply entrenched within the TA and resourcing domain. This unique approach infuses the evaluation process with insight, empathy, and practical understanding, resonating authentically within the industry.

Led by the Chair of Judges, Peter Hetherington, and featuring a panel comprising accomplished professionals, The Firm Awards 2024 powered by The Labs celebrate not just excellence but also the collective wisdom and expertise shaping talent acquisition.

The esteemed judges for 2024 include:

  • Peter Hetherington – Chair of Judges, Udder, Head of Practice
  • Emma Fulton, Capita, Director Of Marketing Operations, Army Recruiting Group 
  • Jennifer Candee, Cargill, Global Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Simon Mawson, Circle Health Group, Head of Resourcing & Talent Acquisition
  • Mark Thomas, Abcam, Vice President Talent Acquisition and Development
  • Georgie O'Connor, Mondelez, TA Lead - Europe - MSC
  • Keisha Ffrench, Softcat, Internal Recruiter (Apprenticeships) 
  • Jo Cattini, BMT, TA Manager 
  • Laura Price, BT, Head of Employer Brand & Strategic Partnerships,
  • Andrew Davidson, NHS Leadership Academy, Senior Manager (Attraction & Recruitment) 
  • Mark Hassan-Ali, N Family Club, People Director 
  • Barbara Sutherland, EY, Associate Director , Talent Acquisition

The Firm Awards 2024 powered by The Labs stands as a testament to celebrating accomplishments and embodying peer-reviewed acknowledgment by professionals uniquely qualified and deeply immersed in the world of talent acquisition—a recognition that truly reflects the industry's finest achievements.